Lingue: Spanish (native), English (fluent), Italian (fluent).


Skills: Stage combat – BADC Standard, Boxing, Cycling, Golf, Ice Skating, Pilates, Running, Scuba Diving, Swimming, Weight Training.


Formazione professionale:


2014-2016 IDSA, Identity School of Acting

2015-2018 - RP accent classes by Irene Bradshaw

2016-2017 - The Chubbuck Technique at Ivana Chubbuck Studio  

2018- Michael Chekhov’s Workshop

2015-2020 - The Chubbuck Technique classes by Patrick Regis

2020-2021- Ivana Chubbuck technique by Michael Monks

2021- Improv 101: Improv Basics by UCB

          Improv 201 by UCB   

          Ivana Chubbuck scene study





Esperienze professionali:




2017 - “Eat locals” regia di Jason Flemyng        

2016 - “My Victoria” regia di Francesco Durante Viola





2019 - “The house of the spirits” by Paula Paz

2017 - “Picasso” by Michael Hunt                                  

2015 - “Constellations” by Samuel Miller            

2014 – “God of Carnage” by Lesley Ewen         






2018 - Trivago regia di Tim James Brown

            Bwin - Who Stole the Cup? regia di Pedro Martín Calero

          Mcoptic Werbespot, Luki Frieden

2017 - Europcar, Bart Timmer

2016 - JC Penney “On the go”, Believe Media, Margo Weathers

           Oreos, Acne Production

2014 - Perwoll Colour Campaign, Film Factory

           Rosewood Hotel London

2013 - Renault Boy Racer, Swiss X Kiss

2011 - Listerine Mentol

           Vodafone, Nacho Barceló

2010 - Kellogg’s Special K promo “Mi verano especial”





2020 - Heroes Great & Small dir. by Christy Leung

2018 - Displaced dir. by Joe Kidd

2017 - The Originals dir by Roman Lane

2016 - The English Lesson dir. by Paul Herbert

2015 - Kaboom directed by Patricia Godwin